Mount Of Olives College-Kakiri

Computer Lab

MOCK Computer laboratory

We have a fine-built modern computer lab where core i5 computers are installed with unlimited internet facility. The computer lab has desktops installed in one student one computer ratio in number so as to allow each individual student to use the computer adequately on academic and other technological work as required. The lab is managed for the students to do their projects and also use the computers for practical works in computer studies as well as other subjects that might demand technology support in learning purpose.  

The systems run on Windows 7 and windows 10 and has essential software installed on it. Technology is the future and we like to keep our students updated with the latest tech and information related to tech.

Students from Form 1 to Form 6 learn to operate and execute programs like Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

Below is a list of other Digital Programs that support learning activities in the Lab:

  1. Rachel Repository System
  2. Cyber Digital Science
  3. GCSE Learning Software, etc.