Mount Of Olives College-Kakiri


Academic Facilities

The school boasts of spacious well ventilated classrooms, Science laboratories and a library that we plan to stock with the latest textbooks and books for leisure and the subject of IT will be given prominence and resources. Teachers will be trained to use ICT resources for teaching.

Dormitory Facilities

The accommodation is exclusively characteristic of a modern well planned and thought out school. Rooms have been designed to accommodate 20/30 students of S.1 and 2. Senior 3 & 4 students will sleep in cubicles housing 8/10 students while the ‘A’ level cubicles will accommodate 4/6 students.
The dorms are equipped with a large number of bathrooms and spacious laundry rooms for ironing. There will be no excuse for lack of smartness.

Medical Services

First aid facilities are available at the School. A qualified school nurse can treat minor ailments, aches and pains. All first aid administered is recorded. If necessary, a child may be evacuated to a nearby hospital.

Health and Safety

School staff regularly conducts safety inspections and drills. Awareness programmes on health issues such as HIV transmission are provided to students and staff.

Based on existing scientific knowledge and legal practice in Uganda, the School does not request HIV screening of staff or students, nor will it discriminate against individuals known to be sufferers. For the School community’s benefit, policy reviews, advice and information are regularly updated. The School also recognizes students with disabilities.

Science Laboratories

The school’s two science laboratories are well equipped to meet the needs of its Ministry of Education  curriculum. For students to clearly grasp scientific theories, it is essential to practically experience them. A key curricular objective is to nurture students so that they can become young scientific thinkers who understand science, make connections and ask relevant and searching questions. There is a focus on designing experiments rather than simply conducting practicals.

Art Rooms

There a spacious room for art with practicing artists conducting classes. Mount of Olives College students have exhibited in on- and off-campus cultural events, including an annual Fine Arts Week hosted by the School.

Chess Room

Chess is one of the in-door games we have in school. So there is a dedicated room for chess masters.

Sports Facilities

The School has a large full-sized pitch for soccer, Volley ball, netball, athletics and other sports. Many schools in Kakiri-Nadangira Zone often use these facilities to host sports competitions, making impressive strides to promote different talents in Uganda.


The canteen offers snacks at break time, lunchtime and after school at reasonable prices. A committee of staff, students and parents ensure the canteen service adheres to high hygiene standards and meets the School community needs.