Mount Of Olives College-Kakiri


Principal’s Welcome Message

I would like to welcome all parents, children, families and friends to our official school website. I hope you find it useful and that it gives you all the information you need. If not, please let me know on 0772 465 606/0700 265 360!

Secondary years are such a special and important time in our lives, so we hope to create some very special memories during the time your child spends with us.

At Mount Olives College kakiri, every child matters. Practitioners tune into your child and support their learning through well planned, stimulating and exciting activities in a safe and secure learning environment.  We aim to create a real love of learning which will last with your child forever. 

We believe the success to your child’s education is very much a partnership between home, school and the community. When your child starts secondary, it is not where your job ends and ours begins, it is where our job begins and yours continues. Children come to secondary with such a wealth of experience and knowledge archived from primary level. It is our aim to build on this together, with parents to ensure that every child, no matter what ability or background really does get the best education. Parental input and involvement is so important in secondary life, please always find ways you can support your child at home and in secondary. 

I am proud to be the Principal/ Head Teacher of Mount of Olives College Kakiri. We have a very dedicated and committed team who strive for the best outcomes for every child. The children are delightful and make this school a happy place to study in. We are among the best Secondary schools in Uganda. Regardless of this, we always strive to be better, as our motto goes “Reach for the Stars”.

We are fully registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports and our staff are highly trained and experienced. We have a fully qualified Deputy Head Teacher, Director of Studies and fully qualified teachers who lead the outstanding levels of teaching and learning. 

Visitors are always welcome and you do not have to make an appointment as we like you to see us just the way we are. It is only by visiting the school and seeing everyone working together and our different facilities that the real atmosphere can be experienced.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Mrs. Regina Laboke